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  • VERSION97D+99i+Boss
  • EXP100x
  • DROPS60%
  • MAX LVL350
  • MAX RESETS1 ~ 15


  • TOTAL ONLINE 3 / 100



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Exp / Drops / Configs / + Misc UPDATES

Exp Event every 6 hours + 100% Exp +15% Drop

(00:00/06:00/12:00/18:00 Server Time) (Duration 60 minutes)


*Golden Dragon and Tantalos Defense decreased
*Chaos machine rates for +10/11 increased by +5%
*ItemDropRate increased from 60% to 70%
*Arena BC Mobs are now from BC5 instead of BC6

Enjoy !

MuRPG Team

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News and Updates:
Players Online: 25+ Real Players Active and growing!

29.01.2019 For 15 minutes (Will be done without notification)

Time between 15:00 - 23.00 EUROPE TIME


Excellent Drop Rates 100% Config like Webzen Global MuOnline original configs and drops!

Feather drops in Icarus from Dark Phoenix only and Arena Elite Orc's

Box of kundun+5 doesnt drop complete sets now anymore, only some parts (rest must be crafted!)


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+Version: 97D+99I + Global Post & Kalima Map



+Exp: x100

+Drop: 60%

+MaxLevel: 350

+Reset Start From 330 And Every Higher Level = +1 Points

+MaxResets: 15

Jewel of Soul Rate:  50% (75% + Luck)

Jewel of Life Rate : 45%

Chaos Machine + 10 = 55%

Chaos Machine + 11 = 45%

Chaos Machine Luck Mix = +25%

Exc Drop = 1/250

+Rebuilded PvP Balance 99%!

Kalima Map With Kundun Boss

Respawn Time Every 30 min

Boss Must party for kill

Importan party (BK Tang,BK Dps,ELF Buffer And 2 Other DPS)

Join After 330 Level 10 Reset

From Atlans Old Noria Gate

Kundun Boss Drops (AA STAFF,AA SWORD,AA BOW) One Item Per Kill

Average Time for kill 10 min with party

New Map Free PvP Zone

Join From Lorencia OLD Exile Gate After 350 LeveL

Server Provider France

 Server Team Speak GR,DE,ENG,RU

Reborn The Game 2004

Game Commands:

/post (Global Post Message)

Reset from Website

Add points from Ingame or Website

Pk Clear from Website

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Your character must be at least level 330 to reset.

if you want to reset at level 331,335,341,344,347,349,350 or any level you want from 330 ~ 350
you will get exactly same points of the level that your character has been resetted.

1. You can reset your character up to 15 times.

2. Your character must be offline to reset.

3. Important: Save all your items in warehouse. Items from inventory will be deleted. (except Zen).

4. Your character must be at least level 330. After you reset you will be level 1 and You will receive extra points too, one point per character level (which you resetted)

5. Reset price is 20.000.000 zen. Zen must be in your inventory.

6. Follow this steps carefully or your reset might not be successful.


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PK Clearing is calculated base on the number of players you've killed. 


Here are the rules:

PKClear price (5.000.000) Per Kill

1. Your zen will be reduced from your char inventory (not from warehouse/vault).

2. If your PK is lower than 50 times, your zen will be reduced by PK*1.

3. If your PK is higher than 50 times and lower than 100, your main hability will be reduced by PK*1 points and zen by PK*1.

4. If your PK is higher than 100, please contact us.